Endsleigh on Horror Makeup

7 apps for Halloween

The look: Horror Makeup

“If Halloween is your favourite event on the calendar, then perhaps you’d be looking to put in some special effort? This app gives you step by step tutorials, starting with the basic black eye, all the way through to Zombie. If you’re a makeup novice, start now and you’ll have the harder stuff down to a fine art by the 31st. There’s a free version, which has mixed reviews – the one problem seems to be crashing on the Zombie tutorial – but there is a new version for 66p, which could be worth a go. All of the makeup techniques can be done with makeup you buy in a toy shop or a supermarket, which means the price tag should be fairly small.”

See more at: http://hub.endsleigh.co.uk/2013/october/7-apps-for-halloween/#sthash.ImOWQVN3.dpuf

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