Halloween themed Android apps

Halloween themed Android apps

It’s Halloween season! Kids are out trick-or-treating, people are dressing up, and parties are being had.

Halloween apps

Most of the time, Android devices aren’t used for much aside from taking pictures of your totally awesome zombie makeup or your kids not dressing up in the worst kids Halloween costume of all time. However, there is a variety of apps for Android that can help you get ready for Halloween and maybe enjoy it even more.

Halloween Horror Makeup ($1) Trying to do your own horror makeup isn’t easy. If you want to avoid looking dangerously lame then you should check out this app. You’ll find full instructions for classic wounds from a simple black eye to a full zombie effect. Each look is documented step-by-step with high quality photographs so you can achieve a really eye-catching laceration or a festering burn that will turn stomachs. There’s a free ad-supported version too.

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